Dear visitors

welcome to the pages with my photographs!

Allow me to invite you to visit my new photoexhibition at Dobřichovice Castle. The opening day was 21st August 2018 (6 p.m.), the exhibition consists of my most extensive public collection (52 photos) and it will be accessible till 14th October. ATTENTION: The exhibition has been extended till 31st October.


I added complete E-catalog of exhibited photographs on the exhibition webpage, so you can look through not only all 52 exhibited photos, but also - as a bonus - 16 photos that were removed from final collection because of limited space of exhibition hall.


The complete web collection of my best pictures that I have recorded is in the PHOTOGRAPHS section.

(by clicking on following photos you can open individual photocycles)


Are you interested in any photos from this Photogallery? Would you like to hang the author´s original piece on the wall of your apartment? Most of the photos are still available in a strictly limited number of pieces. Please, look at the basic infos about sale of my photographs, choose your favourite pictures and desired size of the blow-up and contact me on my e-mail address for specifying of personal agreement.


Please, don´t hesitate to inform me about your opinion what is interesting to you, what do you like and dislike, what I should improve, emphasize or overshadow. I appreciate any constructive ideas and I will consider all your feedback in very responsible way. You can write your feedback directly in Questions and Messages section.


What you can see through on the webpages?


You can find my photoweb pages on the three analogical address, and If you like my pages, it will be great pleasure to me, when you will share it with your friends and people that could enjoy it as well.