My Photo CV

1966   I was born in Domažlice, Czechoslovakia.

1972   I moved to Pilsen, till the time I had lived in Staňkov (West Bohemia).

1978   I got my first camera Corina and I started to prepare my first B/W photos in our bathroom.

1980   I started my studies in the Grammar School in Pilsen .

1982   I bought new camera LOMO, so I started to work with 36x24 mm film.

1984   I began to study at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague.

1989   I entered as a research worker to the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Academy of Science.

1993   I started to teach chemistry and physics at František Křižík Grammar School in Pilsen.

1993   I got married and I moved to Rokycany.

1997   I changed totally my job, I left education area and I entered to the economic sector.

1998   I bought my first analog reflex camera.

2000   I entered to Česká spořitelna to a target group marketing position.

2008   I moved to Dobřichovice (near Prague) and I changed marketing job to IT position.

2009   I bought my first digital reflex camera and I discovered magic world of the long expositions.

2009   I established my blog where I´ve published my short essays, stories, notes and poems.

2010   I divorced and I started to publish my commented photos on my blog pages.

2013   I opened my first own webpages for publishing my best photos.

2013   I organized my first exhibition (Pictures from "behind-the-light") in Dobřichovice Castle.

2013   I presented my photocycle Magic Garden in Polička town.

2014   I presented my photos in Česká spořitelna Gallery, Rytířská street in Prague

2015   I started to use full frame DLSR.

2016   I presented collection of 18 photos in restaurant/gallery Pod Lipami (Prague - Vrsovice).

2016   I was one of TOP10 Czech bloggers in Czech Blog Awards.

2018   I left my job in summer because of better conditions for my creative activities.

2018   I presented my the most extensive solo photoexhibition (52 photos) in Dobřichovice castle.

2019   I prepared the new web presentation of my photopraphs.

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